The fact of dealing with our company implies on behalf of our customers the acceptance of our General Conditions of Sale and tariffs in force, which cancel any document which would be contrary to them.
All disputes, whatever their nature, will be submitted to the Commercial Court of Fréjus, to which jurisdiction is expressly granted, even in the event of multiple defendants or a guarantee appeal.
– Departure and arrival: Old Port of Saint Raphael
– Tickets are valid for a given date.
– Reservations are required for all cruises, on site, by phone or on the website
* Large bags are not allowed, backpacks and handbags are allowed
* Cameras and personal belongings (not too bulky) are allowed
* TakSEA declines all responsibilities in case of damage, breakage, loss or theft
* No smoking or eating on board, only water bottles are allowed
* Remember to bring sun cream and hat
* Life jackets are provided
* Children under 08 years old are not allowed
* Not accessible to people with reduced mobility
* Swimming under your own responsibility.
Our tickets are always invoiced according to the current VAT rate applicable in metropolitan France
on the basis of the date of purchase. Our prices are inclusive of all taxes. The prices of the tariff can be modified. An invoice can be issued after payment of the tickets.
* Cash
* Payments via Paypal
* Visa or Mastercard
* Checks made out to Team Yachting
– Liability insurance
– Fuel and operating expenses
– English speaking captain
– Life jackets
TakSEA reserves the right, without prior notice, to cancel a tour or to modify its schedule (weather conditions, technical
weather conditions, technical problems)
In case of cancellation on our part, we will give you a full refund.
In case of delay we will wait a maximum of 10 minutes. No refund in case of delay of more than
more than 10 minutes.
In case of low attendance (less than 6 tickets sold on the current excursion) we reserve the right to cancel the
reserve the right to cancel the tour.
Cancellation/ Modification by the customer without charge until 72H before departure. No refunds within 72 hours of departure.
less than 72 hours before departure.
It is expressly agreed that our tickets remain our property until full payment of the sale price.
price in full.
Any clause to the contrary shall be deemed unwritten. If the tickets have been delivered, our company reserves the right to
right to claim them in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 85-98 of 25 January 1985. Until
full payment, our tickets are under the custody of their purchaser who must bear the risks
that they could undergo or cause, for any reason whatsoever, even in case of force majeure,
fortuitous event or the act of a third party.
In the event that our tickets are transformed or resold, we expressly reserve the right
to claim the price.
In the event of non-payment, even partial, of tickets issued, we reserve the right to demand
immediate payment of the sums due for any reason whatsoever. In this case, as well as in the case of
changes in the debtor’s situation, incapacity, modification or dissolution of the company, peril for
for any reason whatsoever, the agreement may be terminated on our initiative, in whole or in part, by
on our initiative, in whole or in part, by simple notice given to the customer by registered letter, without any other formality, and without
without prejudice to any damages.
In the event that our company does not take advantage of this clause, it may reserve the right to
request guarantees to ensure the execution of the current agreements.
The passenger declares that he/she has been informed of the risks inherent to the navigations proposed by the shipowner, namely: injuries during embarkation or disembarkation due to a fall, sunstroke, seasickness, back or spinal injuries due to a bad wave, burns and stings from sea urchin jellyfish or cuts against the rocks during possible swimming, contamination with any pathogenic agent
Therefore, he commits himself to respect the instructions given during the safety briefing given by the captain of the boat before the beginning of the trip whatever it is.
He declares, for himself and for the persons under his responsibility or for whom he buys tickets, that he has no particular health problem (back problems, osteopathic, pregnancy of more than 3 months, etc.) or undertakes to inform the captain beforehand, who reserves the right to disembark him if necessary.
It is reminded that our general conditions of sale, prohibit access to our boats to pregnant women over 3 months and to any person suffering from back problems and osteoporosis.
The nature of the navigations undertaken, whatever the precautions taken by the shipowner, makes the Tourism Code, the Transport Code or the Athens Convention unenforceable against TEAM YACHTING.
The client waives all claims for personal injury or material damage relating to the objects carried or transported with him.
He/she authorizes SARL Team Yachting, in case of emergency, to provide him/her with first aid, to take the decision, including at his/her expense, to transport him/her to the appropriate medical center if necessary.
This waiver is valid regardless of the contractual fact invoked and regardless of the representative of the shipowner or his agent.